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Epicurus posted by John Sorensen on Oct, 5


Two thousand years ago, Epicurus, the ancient Greek philosopher, who was NOT a Christian, said this:  “What men fear is not that death is annihilation, but what they fear is that it is not.” Continue reading

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Hell is a Real Place posted by John Sorensen on Oct, 4


I was recently at a college football game waiting to get in. Some Christians came marching by with signs and shouting, “You’re going to Hell!  Turn or burn!” Continue reading

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Go for the Gusto posted by John Sorensen on Oct, 3


We’ve all heard it said, “You only live once so go for the gusto!”  Or how about this one, “. . . eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.” Continue reading

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Life After Death posted by John Sorensen on Oct, 2


What if there is an afterlife?  What if Heaven is a real place?  What if Hell really exists?  Now, some of you – maybe most of you are saying, “What do you mean, ‘What if?’” Continue reading

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A Know-So Faith posted by John Sorensen on Sep, 29


Perhaps the greatest certainty in our time is that uncertainty is on the increase. Continue reading

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Decisions posted by John Sorensen on Sep, 28


It’s a truism of life that very often the same decision that is praised by some is criticized by others. Continue reading

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Beautiful Feet posted by John Sorensen on Sep, 27


I suspect that the idea of starting a monthly magazine entitled “Beautiful Feet” wouldn’t catch on.  Not many of us use the adjective “beautiful” to describe feet.   But the Bible does – twice! Continue reading

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Pamela posted by John Sorensen on Sep, 26


I’d like you to meet Pamela.  You’d like her. Just 12 years old, she’s already making a difference where she lives in Honduras. Continue reading

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Eager to Share posted by John Sorensen on Sep, 25


In the book of Romans, the Apostle Paul says he was EAGER to share the Gospel.  Is that how you’d describe yourself when it comes to witnessing for Jesus Christ? Continue reading

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Preach and Teach posted by John Sorensen on Sep, 22


When sharing your faith, have you had someone say, “I witness by my life” or maybe you’ve come across the saying, “Preach the Gospel.  Use words when necessary?” Continue reading