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SLT: John Wadkins posted by John Sorensen on Feb, 11

John had a radical change once he learned how to share his faith with others. The Gospel changed his life and now he has a burden to share Christ in an effective way to those in his community!

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Brittany’s Testimony posted by Evangelism Explosion on Jan, 28

Check out what Brittany experienced by reaching out to her community!

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posted by John Sorensen on Jan, 21

Some questions can be difficult to answer when you aren’t ready for them.  Responses are often times difficult to articulate on the spot even if you know the correct answer! Take a look at our new series “Reasonable Answers to Honest Skeptics” which aims to tackle some of the toughest questions you may come across while witnessing with someone.  Have you run into this question before?




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What’s Your Story? posted by John Sorensen on Jan, 14

Every Christian has a story and every story is important.  Dr. John Sorensen explains why having a written testimony can open up opportunities to share the Gospel with others.

Visit WhatsMyStory.org and start developing your written testimony today!

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Evangelism Outreach posted by John Sorensen on Jan, 7

Sharing the Gospel isn’t as difficult as it sometimes seems.  We encourage every Christian to get equipped and share their faith in their communities and one way to do that is to create outreach opportunities.  Outreach events don’t have to be extravagant or expensive to be effective.  Check out these simple, yet effective outreaches.

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Gospel Presentation posted by John Sorensen on Dec, 17

See a clear and concise example of sharing with the EE Gospel Outline.

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SLT – Rev. Helmut Khun posted by John Sorensen on Dec, 3

“It does not matter how difficult a society is, the Gospel is Power.” The Gospel works everywhere! Rev. Helmet was in studio from EE Switzerland to give his experience witnessing in Europe despite the perception of its closed doors. Visit http://sharelife.today for more Gospel resources to help you share your faith!

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Praying For a Visit posted by John Sorensen on Nov, 26


Imagine. You’re sitting at the back of a church and you decide to take a chance and fill out a visitor’s card. But that’s not all, you actually pray that someone will come visit you. Now, this really happened to Donna. In fact, she’d gone to another church and filled out a card and asked God to send someone to her house if that was the church she should keep attending. But no one came. This time was different. What Donna couldn’t know was that this church actually couldn’t wait to visit their visitors. They prayed people would fill out the visitor cards so they could meet and share the Gospel. And, sure enough, the evangelism team knocked on Donna’s door. But Donna wasn’t home. Instead, it was William, her fiancé and her sister who were home. Well, the story just gets better, check out this interview with Donna!

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How Would You Rate Your Life? posted by John Sorensen on Nov, 19

Sometimes the most difficult things is getting a spiritual conversation started. Try this tip! A simple question can tell you so much!

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Download: The Neighborhood List posted by Evangelism Explosion on Nov, 5

Download: The Neighborhood List

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