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What are pastors saying about EE? posted by Evangelism Explosion on Oct, 15

Evangelism Explosion is focused on working in and through the local church to equip and train Christians to share their faith in Christ with others. EE classes and workshops give confidence and a boldness for sharing the Good News while at the same time raising up leaders in the church to train others to do the same.

See what pastors are experiencing in this short video. Visit http://evangelismexplosion.org or contact us at http://evangelismexplosion.org/contac… for more information on how EE can help you and your church fulfill the Great Commission!

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Gospel Launch Questions posted by John Sorensen on Oct, 8

Sometimes the most difficult things is getting a spiritual conversation started. Try this tip! A simple question can tell you so much!

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posted by Evangelism Explosion on Oct, 1

Monique Godfrey, EE Children’s Ministry Coordinator, demonstrates the Gospel Pathway hand motions that help children learn to share the Gospel.

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Discover Internship posted by Evangelism Explosion on Sep, 24

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Ten Most Wanted posted by John Sorensen on Sep, 17

Who are your 10 Most Wanted?


Download and print your “10 Most Wanted” prayer card below:


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Bags of Blessings! posted by John Sorensen on Sep, 10

We’ve all seen him — often at the end of exit ramps from the interstate.  Usually he’s holding a sign indicating that he’s in need.  As we come to a stop, we look away awkwardly. Michael always felt awkward too and he wanted to help, but he didn’t want to just give cash.  He came up with an idea and sprang into action.  Check out this interview above!

Want to create your own Bags of Blessings?  Get the download below for Michael’s item list to help get you started!  And don’t forget to add the Gospel tracts!

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What is the EE Prison Ministry? posted by Evangelism Explosion on Sep, 2

Want to give the incarcerated a new life in Christ? Prison Evangelism Explosion International (Prison EE) can assist you in two ways: 1) Through our on-site course where we personally help you get EE started; or 2) Through our innovative Startup Kit.


We will provide training and assistance at your church or prison facility and equip you to teach incarcerated believers to share the Gospel, bring prisoners to Christ, and disciple them for re-entry to the local church. The training involves classroom lecture, praise and worship, and actual on-the-job training (within the rules and regulations of the corrections department).

Starter Kit

If you’re a self-starter and you’re ready to start now, you can get the innovative Prison EE Startup Kit that contains everything you need to train up to 60 students with a Gospel tool that will impact them and others for Christ.

If you choose the Startup Kit, we can also provide the manpower! We’ll personally assist you in utilizing the Startup Kit and getting EE going. We’ll guide you in how to get a new EE prison ministry running and how to strengthen an existing prison ministry. Included in our training are special sessions on The Secret to Power in Prison Ministry, How to Strengthen an Existing Prison Ministry or implement Prison EE, Teaching Non-Readers and Post-Release Assistance to the Local Church.

Visit www.prisonee.org for more details on the EE Prison Ministry!

Rev. Art Hallett
Director for Prison EE

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Gospel Presentation posted by John Sorensen on Aug, 27

See a clear and concise example of sharing with the EE Gospel Outline.

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posted by John Sorensen on Aug, 20

See the latest from Conversations with John Sorensen

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posted by John Sorensen on Aug, 13

“What happens to people who have never heard?”

Has someone ever asked you this while witnessing? How can we get back into the Gospel?  Take a look at our latest from Reasonable Answers…


Fill out the form below and we will send you your Reasonable Answers for Honest Skeptics Pocket Guide free of charge! Thank you.

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