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Equip America posted by John Sorensen on Jul, 2

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How Would You Rate Your Life? posted by John Sorensen on Jun, 25

Sometimes the most difficult things is getting a spiritual conversation started. Try this tip! A simple question can tell you so much!

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Friend’s Gift Illustration posted by John Sorensen on Jun, 20

Here’s a simple illustration to show how God’s grace cannot be earned or deserved taken from the Evangelism Explosion Gospel outline.

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SLT – The N. Korean Summit posted by John Sorensen on Jun, 12

Rev. Chan Kwak is the Senior Pastor at LA One Church. He took a few minutes to talk to John about what the upcoming meeting between President Trump and President Un means for Christians on the Korean peninsula.

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Launch Questions posted by John Sorensen on Jun, 11

Sometimes the most difficult things is getting a spiritual conversation started. Try this tip! A simple question can tell you so much!

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The Judo Technique posted by John Sorensen on May, 28

Sometimes we come across some difficult situations while witnessing.  Maybe a tough question or a argumentative person. There are ways to face certain situations with grace and confidence.  Pastor Ken Silva gives us one technique that may just help you out!  Check out the video!

For more tips on how to handle those tough questions click here for our Answers to Tough Questions!

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What is Evangelism Explosion? posted by Evangelism Explosion on May, 21

Just imagine what our world would look like if every Christian shared the Gospel with one person this year and that person made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. It would transform the world as well as the lives of those who do the sharing. Watch the video for more.

Research shows that eighty to ninety percent of Christians will never share their faith with anyone. Why? We know that in many cases it’s fear that keeps Christians from sharing the Gospel—fear of not knowing what to say.

At Evangelism Explosion, Jesus’ last command is our first concern, “…go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matt. 28:19).  We’ve been making disciples by equipping people to share their faith for more than fifty years, and we do it all over the world. We’d love to help you too!

If you’d like to learn how you can attend or even host a Share Your Faith Workshop, click here.

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“No such thing as the gift of Evangelism” posted by John Sorensen on May, 14

Have you ever heard someone say, “I don’t have the gift of evangelism?”  Maybe you’ve even said it.  Well, good.  I’m glad to hear it!  Now, the reason I’m glad to hear you don’t have the “gift” of evangelism is because, there’s no such gift.  Maybe you’re saying, wait a minute, I know I’ve read that in the Bible.  But what you’ve read is about the “role” of the evangelist.  Think about it, when God tells us to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel,” He doesn’t say “some of you go” or “those who feel lead go,” He says, “Go.”  That means every believer is charged with and has the privilege of proclaiming the Gospel to our lost and dying world.  My friend, Ed Stetzer of Lifeway Research has written a great article on this topic.  To read the article and to see the interview I did with Ed, visit sharelife.today where you can learn more about this unbiblical idea that many Christians now believe.

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posted by John Sorensen on May, 7

Do you really only live once?

While witnessing, you may come across questions regarding life after death.  In our third episode of Reasonable Answers for Honest Skeptics, we tackle this very issue head on. Check it out above!

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Record Book of Sin posted by John Sorensen on Apr, 16


Try this illustration to help explain who Christ is and what He did for us as well as the seriousness of sin.

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