Do you want to make a difference in the world?

Evangelism Explosion exists to equip believers in and through local churches to make that difference by engaging the world with the Gospel.

Every Nation Equipping Every People Group And Every Age Group To Witness To Every Person.

Evangelism Explosion internships are an opportunity to be equipped and to build a vision for making a difference in the world. Do you sense God may be calling you into full time ministry? Do you think he could even be calling you to become a missionary? Evangelism Explosion Internships are designed for those who are seeking Gods calling in their lives. Interns spend time away from everyday life to pray and seek God, and work through all the issues that are associated with thinking about going into ministry. The internship is very practical and experiential, combined with lots of ministry training and teaching. A large feature is the equipping with EE tools to share the gospel, and the opportunity to actually equip local churches as well. Interns are encouraged to seek only where God would have them serve, wherever in His kingdom that may be, but are given a a great picture of what serving with EE within a national ministry may look like. If this sounds like this is for you or someone you know – register today!

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2015 Internships

Pacific Internship 2015
Dates: Sunday 14th June – Saturday 25th July 2015
Location: Fiji South Pacific
Open to those from the USA, Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the Middle East and the America’s.
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Capitol Hill Internship 2015
Dates: Sunday 7th June – Saturday 20th June 2015
Location: The Center For Christian Statesmanship, Washington DC, USA
Open to those currently living in the USA, this 2-week internship is aimed at those exploring a future in gospel ministry in a professional political context.
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Asian Internship 2015
Dates: Sun 9th August – Sat 5th September 2015
Location: Indonesia
Open to those who live in Asia
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African Internship 2016
Dates: June / July 2016
Location: Uganda, Africa.
Open to those who live in Africa and have taken part in EE training already.
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Internships in 2016
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