Prison EE

Want to give the incarcerated a new life in Christ? Prison Evangelism Explosion International (Prison EE) can assist you in three ways: 1) Through our on-site course where we personally help you get EE started; 2) Through our Correspondence Course where on-site is not available; or 3) Through our innovative Starter Kit.


We’ll come to your prison to teach and equip incarcerated believers to share the Gospel, bring prisoners to Christ, and disciple them for re-entry to the local church. The training involves classroom lecture, praise and worship, and actual on-the-job training.

Correspondence EE

If we can’t come to you, then Correspondence EE is an option. It follows the same EE training encompassing what the Bible teaches about eternal life and the life and claims of Jesus Christ. Correspondence EE offers one level of study and qualifies the participant for three college credit hours at most accredited colleges.

Starter Kit

If you’re a self-starter and you’re ready to start now, you can get the innovative Prison EE Starter Kit that contains everything you need to train 10 students with a Gospel tool that will impact them and others for Christ.?

If you choose the Starter Kit, we can also provide the manpower! We’ll personally assist you in utilizing the Starter Kit and getting EE going. We’ll guide you in how to get a new EE prison ministry running and how to strengthen an existing prison ministry. Included are special sessions on The Secret to Power in Prison Ministry and Teaching Evangelism to Non-Readers??

EE has impacted hundreds of thousands of inmates who never return to prison, and discover productive, joy-filled lives of service to Christ in the local church community.

Rev. Art Hallett
Director for Prison EE

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