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Reason for Believing posted by John Sorensen on Dec, 10

How many people have you led to the Lord through a Facebook argument? I'd be willing to bet you that number is a big zero. However, our faith and facts do go hand in hand. This week, we'll be talking about Apologetics, more specifically, the argument that God is in fact, real. There are lots of reasons to believe in the existence of God - just the fact that we, as finite beings, can think of an In...  Read the full post ( 561 words, estimated 2:15 mins reading time )

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Always Ready posted by John Sorensen on Dec, 3

Steve will tell you as soon as you meet him that he’s a talker. His wife will tell you that…his kids, and Richard. Richard would certainly tell you that. You see, everyone is gifted in one way or another, and for Steve, talking and building relationships are some of his gifts.  His personality made it easy to be trained in EE - talking to people about his faith in Jesus wasn’t so hard fo...  Read the full post ( 572 words, estimated 2:17 mins reading time )

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Small rural church leads 108 to Christ in one year posted by Evangelism Explosion on Nov, 28

On the outside, Harmony Community Church, is a little wood-frame Methodist church off of Highway 74 in Peachland, North Carolina. Miles away from a shopping mall, the church is surrounded by impoverished neighborhoods and trailer parks. Yet, every Monday night, more than a dozen people gather to visit people in the community and share the Gospel. Between September 2017, and the end of August, they...  Read the full post ( 578 words, estimated 2:19 mins reading time )

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Faithful to Go posted by John Sorensen on Nov, 26

Imagine:  you’re sitting at the back of a church and you decide to take a chance and fill out a visitor’s card.  But that’s not all, you actually pray that someone will come visit you. Now, this really happened to Donna.  In fact, she’d gone to another church and filled out a card and asked God to send someone to her house if that was the church she should keep attending.  But no on...  Read the full post ( 357 words, estimated 1:26 mins reading time )

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The Thanksgiving Commandment posted by John Sorensen on Nov, 19

I remember the first time I heard the song "Thank you for giving to the Lord." Ann and I were at a missionary conference at the church where we came to know Jesus Christ. They played a video of people accepting Christ while the song played.  I think I wept for a half an hour! The idea of meeting people in Heaven who we had the chance to be part of leading to Christ while on earth was, to me, simp...  Read the full post ( 505 words, estimated 2:01 mins reading time )

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Are you eternally-minded? posted by John Sorensen on Nov, 13

If there is a “path of least resistance,” there must be a “path of most resistance.”  When you and I received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we joined with those on the “path of most resistance.”  We joined Moses, Joshua, Jeremiah, Paul, John...and a host of others throughout the ages who have traveled this path. Of course, the Leader on this “path of most resistance” is...  Read the full post ( 429 words, estimated 1:43 mins reading time )

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The Best Way to Love Our Neighbors posted by John Sorensen on Nov, 5

Back in the Midwest, I lived next to a neighbor for five years without ever saying anything about Jesus.  Regardless of what people tell you, it does not get easier sharing the Gospel with someone you've known a while — the truth is it gets harder!  After you've known someone for five years and said nothing, how do you even start that conversation? Well, I remember that evening.  Our neigh...  Read the full post ( 484 words, estimated 1:56 mins reading time )

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The best way to complete the Great Commission posted by John Sorensen on Oct, 29

Have you ever wondered why Evangelism Explosion is called Evangelism Explosion?  The truth is that there are some places that we travel and minister where "explosions" are not that positive of an idea!  I'm sure you can imagine. But the reason why the name is so critical is because, like it or not, there is a population explosion.  So then, the only way to keep up with this population explos...  Read the full post ( 637 words, estimated 2:33 mins reading time )

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How do we revitalize America? posted by John Sorensen on Oct, 22

I hear quite a lot of Christians talk about the need for revival in America today. I certainly understand, and agree. But have you ever wondered what it would take for revival to come? Generally, revival is defined as the restoration of the church itself to a vital and fervent relationship with God, typically after a period of moral decline, or disobedience. Sounds like what we need, rig...  Read the full post ( 843 words, estimated 3:22 mins reading time )

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Culture in one Church changes after Introducing EE posted by Evangelism Explosion on Oct, 18

On a typical Sunday morning at Union 3 Baptist Church near Gadsden, Alabama, Pastor Joey Hanner finishes up his sermon and opens the altar for prayer.  Members of his congregation join people they have invited to church at the altar and pray with them. They are not ordained ministers. They are housewives and auto mechanics – ordinary people who have been trained to share the Gospel. “...  Read the full post ( 571 words, estimated 2:17 mins reading time )

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