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Divine Appointments posted by John Sorensen on Aug, 27

A pastor from Dallas, Texas and I were having a discussion about the idea of Divine Appointments.  He seemed genuinely confused over the notion.  At noon, we headed off to lunch. Now, somewhat unrelated, that very morning I had received an email from my friend, Ed Stetzer. In it, he had informed me of a recent study, where they found that 10% of Americas were thinking about death every day. T...  Read the full post ( 556 words, estimated 2:13 mins reading time )

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The Decision Point posted by John Sorensen on Aug, 20

Have you ever met anyone that is an amazing "Way of Life" witness?  Someone who is constantly sharing their faith, at the store, in a parking lot, at lunch or dinner, literally everywhere?  Well, I have.  In fact, the ministry of Evangelism Explosion was founded on several.  Dr. Kennedy was certainly like that.  The man who taught Dr. Kennedy to witness, Kennedy Smartt is certainly like that...  Read the full post ( 529 words, estimated 2:07 mins reading time )

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The Reality of Hell posted by John Sorensen on Aug, 16

When is the last time you heard a sermon about Hell?  Or Heaven, for that matter? I remember the day I went to Dr. Kennedy, Evangelism Explosion's founder, and asked, "Why is it that pastors don't seem to want to get involved in the Great Commission?" He thought for a moment and said, “John, if God would dip all pastors in Hell for a fraction of a second and then yank them up by their shirt...  Read the full post ( 501 words, estimated 2:00 mins reading time )

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Helping Students Stand Strong on College Campuses posted by John Sorensen on Aug, 6

This month, thousands of young people will invade campuses across our country only to encounter a culture conflict that they are not prepared for. And when they come face to face with a growing tide of atheists, who are prepared to challenge them on the basic foundation of the Bible, they crumble. An overwhelming majority will give little resistance and ultimately abandon their faith. How else...  Read the full post ( 379 words, estimated 1:31 mins reading time )

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Should we still use tracts for Evangelism? posted by John Sorensen on Jul, 30

We had a booth at a show at the convention center in Fort Lauderdale with quite a lot of materials on display. And we had a few items, like some tracts that we were giving away for free. Traffic at the booth had been heavy that afternoon so I couldn’t keep up with who took what. But as I walked toward the meeting hall later in the day, I noticed one of the security guards sitting on a short w...  Read the full post ( 594 words, estimated 2:23 mins reading time )

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Thank you! posted by Evangelism Explosion on Jul, 16

Thank you for supporting the ministry of Evangelism Explosion International during our fiscal year-end $250K Matching Challenge. We raised $232,775.54 during the campaign, which was doubled thanks to a generous donor. This amount is significantly more than we typically raise this time of year. God has continued to provide for the ministry of EE through the gifts of people just like you. Ministr...  Read the full post ( 304 words, estimated 1:13 mins reading time )

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Ruby’s Story posted by John Sorensen on Jun, 11

When an EE team approached Ruby in April and asked her if she believed she would go to Heaven, she said it was too late. “I don’t think God would accept me because of what I’ve done.” After her father was murdered several years ago, she had been told that he would have lived, if only she had prayed. In her anger, she cursed God. Although she felt guilty for what she said, she didn’t b...  Read the full post ( 611 words, estimated 2:27 mins reading time )

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Children in Haiti say YES! to Jesus… posted by John Sorensen on May, 10

In a remote village called Thomazeau in Haiti, dozens of children gather together to learn more about God. Each week, EE’s regional director, Bazner teaches them a lesson from the Bible. Until recently, Bazner had focused on training adults. Then he changed his strategy. By reaching children first with the Gospel, they would reach their families, and as a result, entire communities will be i...  Read the full post ( 597 words, estimated 2:23 mins reading time )

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“I’ve been waiting to hear this all my life.” posted by John Sorensen on Apr, 20

At Evangelism Explosion International, we see millions profess faith in Jesus every year. That is something to celebrate! Millions of new believers will spend eternity in Heaven thanks to supporters just like you – people like Tyler.  After finishing a cigarette outside of a local café, Tyler met Ken and a team who had just attended an Equip America event at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church...  Read the full post ( 660 words, estimated 2:38 mins reading time )

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Prayer and the Holy Spirit posted by John Sorensen on Apr, 5

The longer you are a believer and the more involved you become in church life, the more likely it is that you’ll have fewer non-Christian relationships. Sound familiar?  Are you also finding that you’re not sharing your faith with anyone? Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  It can be natural to have fewer non-believing friends but we’re still comma...  Read the full post ( 182 words, estimated 44 secs reading time )

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