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The Good News in Zambia posted by John Sorensen on Nov, 3

You are making a huge difference in a place where David Livingstone once walked! Let me tell you how – and share an amazing opportunity to do even more to equip men and women, young and old, to share the Gospel – and train others to do the same. A few weeks ago, we conducted a Leadership Training Clinic in Livingstone, Zambia. Now, we call it a clinic, and not a seminar, because we...  Read the full post ( 725 words, estimated 2:54 mins reading time )

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To Zambia with Love posted by Evangelism Explosion on Oct, 27

Zambia is derived from the word “Zambezi” which means: “That which belongs to God”. What an appropriate name for the warm and friendly country in Africa. My family roots run deep there. My grandparents met and fell in love and my Dad was born there in the early 1920’s. My grandmother was a mathematics teacher and my grandfather was a Dutch Reformed Minister in the Luangwa Valley on the e...  Read the full post ( 587 words, estimated 2:21 mins reading time )

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Dr. Kennedy’s Four Bases posted by Evangelism Explosion on Oct, 4

I attended my first EE Clinic in 1976 and visited Coral Ridge Presbyterian sponsored clinics three times in the next 12 months. At the beginning of each clinic Dr. Kennedy taught his Biblical Basis for Evangelism Explosion. In Malang, Indonesia last August, as representatives of EE from around the globe gathered to share and plan, I reflected often upon how pleased Dr. Kennedy would be to see his...  Read the full post ( 608 words, estimated 2:26 mins reading time )

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Celebrating “Every Tongue” posted by Evangelism Explosion on Sep, 19

"Every nation equipping every people group and every age group to witness to every person." That is EE International's Vision Statement and for over 50 years, we've been diligently working to fulfill the mandate of the Great Commission by training church leaders to equip the saints for the work of evangelism. Here at EE USA, we don't have to go far to reach the people groups ... this m...  Read the full post ( 502 words, estimated 2:00 mins reading time )

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Getting the Big Picture posted by Evangelism Explosion on Sep, 1

We're part of something much bigger... A team of US staff has just returned from Indonesia, where they were part of the third Congress of Nations. This triennial international meeting was attended by representatives of EE ministries from every continent. It was such an amazing experience to be part of this gathering of EE leaders, each speaking and worshiping in their own language, but all with...  Read the full post ( 273 words, estimated 1:06 mins reading time )

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Delegates from 86 nations gathered in Malang, Indonesia, in August, for the third triennial Congress of Nations posted by John Sorensen on Aug, 22

Malang, Indonesia, August 22, 2016 -- Delegates from 86 nations gathered in Malang, Indonesia, in August, for the third triennial Congress of Nations sponsored by Evangelism Explosion International, a global outreach that trains people to share their faith in Jesus Christ. The assembly of Evangelism Explosion leaders from every continent is “very important to the worldwide ministry of EE and,...  Read the full post ( 450 words, estimated 1:48 mins reading time )

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Summertime posted by Evangelism Explosion on Jul, 22

The Most Patriotic ... We believe what EE's Founder, Dr. D. James Kennedy, said "The most patriotic act is to share the gospel." Randall Wood and John Sorensen, hosted a breakfast for pastors and shared the vision for equipping laypeople to become "a mighty army" of witnesses. At the Watchmen on the Wall Conference (sponsored by the Family Research Council) in Wa...  Read the full post ( 380 words, estimated 1:31 mins reading time )

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Don’t miss this chance to double your gift! posted by John Sorensen on Jun, 21

Dear Friend, I wish you could see the reports that cross my desk . . . some from closed countries.  They tell of soaring ministry growth worldwide, of people learning to share the Gospel and leading others to faith in Christ. Thanks to friends like you, God is using EE to win more people than ever before to Jesus – a staggering 10 million last year alone. But because you are a good fr...  Read the full post ( 664 words, estimated 2:39 mins reading time )

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EE Brings Hope to Desolate Places posted by John Sorensen on Jun, 1

Dear Friend, Imagine you were forced to flee home tonight and wound up in a refugee camp with thousands of others. Built to hold 50,000 people, the camp teems with nearly 150,000. Instead of your warm bed, you’re forced to sleep inside a flimsy mass shelter made from wooden poles. The shelter is covered by plastic sheeting but mosquitoes get in and many suffer from malaria. A cloud of...  Read the full post ( 869 words, estimated 3:29 mins reading time )

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The Work We Are Facing posted by Evangelism Explosion on May, 13

1907 was a long time ago.  But, since truth does not have a past, present and future tense, truth stated in 1907 is still true today.  Also, truth stated in 1907 was also true in 1607.  1907 is the copyright date of the book, Taking Men Alive, by Charles Trumbull.  Mr. Trumbull was very active and influential in the YMCA.  In those days the C – Christian – really meant Christian. Yest...  Read the full post ( 471 words, estimated 1:53 mins reading time )

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