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Summertime posted by Shirley Beattie on Jul, 22

The Most Patriotic ... We believe what EE's Founder, Dr. D. James Kennedy, said "The most patriotic act is to share the gospel." Randall Wood and John Sorensen, hosted a breakfast for pastors and shared the vision for equipping laypeople to become "a mighty army" of witnesses. At the Watchmen on the Wall Conference (sponsored by the Family Research Council) in Wa...  Read the full post ( 380 words, estimated 1:31 mins reading time )

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Don’t miss this chance to double your gift! posted by John Sorensen on Jun, 21

Dear Friend, I wish you could see the reports that cross my desk . . . some from closed countries.  They tell of soaring ministry growth worldwide, of people learning to share the Gospel and leading others to faith in Christ. Thanks to friends like you, God is using EE to win more people than ever before to Jesus – a staggering 10 million last year alone. But because you are a good fr...  Read the full post ( 664 words, estimated 2:39 mins reading time )

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EE Brings Hope to Desolate Places posted by John Sorensen on Jun, 1

Dear Friend, Imagine you were forced to flee home tonight and wound up in a refugee camp with thousands of others. Built to hold 50,000 people, the camp teems with nearly 150,000. Instead of your warm bed, you’re forced to sleep inside a flimsy mass shelter made from wooden poles. The shelter is covered by plastic sheeting but mosquitoes get in and many suffer from malaria. A cloud of...  Read the full post ( 869 words, estimated 3:29 mins reading time )

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The Work We Are Facing posted by Jim Engle on May, 13

1907 was a long time ago.  But, since truth does not have a past, present and future tense, truth stated in 1907 is still true today.  Also, truth stated in 1907 was also true in 1607.  1907 is the copyright date of the book, Taking Men Alive, by Charles Trumbull.  Mr. Trumbull was very active and influential in the YMCA.  In those days the C – Christian – really meant Christian. Yest...  Read the full post ( 471 words, estimated 1:53 mins reading time )

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Spiritual Sleeplessness posted by Jim Engle on May, 5

By now you have probably come across this Bible trivia question:  Which is the only book in the Bible that does not mention God?  Answer:  Esther.  Yet, this book has God’s fingerprints all over it.  It is a real life drama illustrating the providential timing and the interrelationship of all matters in our lives. I suppose insomnia and occasional sleeplessness are different matters.  B...  Read the full post ( 383 words, estimated 1:32 mins reading time )

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Is God on Our Side or Their Side? posted by Jim Engle on Mar, 1

In the upcoming elections, is God on the side of the Democrats or the Republicans? In the war on terror, is God on the side of the United States or the terrorists? In that messy divorce, is God on the wife’s side or on the husband’s side? When Superbowl 51 rolls around in 2017, will God be on the side of the AFC champions or the NFC champions? It is very possible that I have already lost a...  Read the full post ( 442 words, estimated 1:46 mins reading time )

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Satan is Smiling posted by Jim Engle on Feb, 4

I think I see Satan sitting in the back pew of the church with a smile on His face. Notions of the appearance and identity of Satan have long been driven by the sensational and the grotesque.  One sad result of such representation is the tendency for many to view this arch-enemy as a sort of caricature of evil.  He is delighted when Christians act as though he really does not exist. Satan...  Read the full post ( 448 words, estimated 1:48 mins reading time )

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Oreos and the Holy Spirit posted by Jim Engle on Jan, 26

I’m impressed by small things done with excellence.  PLEASE! ... do not interpret small as unimportant.  In fact, if you want to irritate me, use the phrase “Don’t sweat the small stuff” in my presence.  Also, I am always on the lookout for some kind of parabolic connection between small things in everyday life and the spiritual side of our existence. So, with this slightly unusual...  Read the full post ( 557 words, estimated 2:14 mins reading time )

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Three Watergate Events posted by Jim Engle on Jan, 18

A pundit (I wish I could give him credit, but I can’t remember who it was) recently quipped, “In our time, a person’s historical perspective goes back about as far as today’s breakfast.” So, today I am boldly delving into the realm of the history of Watergate. There are three worthy of mention.  Some will still remember the most recent Watergate; few will know anything about the othe...  Read the full post ( 549 words, estimated 2:12 mins reading time )

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Turning the Upside Down World Upside Down posted by Jim Engle on Jan, 12

On my desk there is a hand holding a globe, symbolizing that God holds our world in His hand.  Job 12:10 states it succinctly:  “In God’s hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind.” Since the globe is somewhat fragile, when I packed it to move, I disassembled it, taking the globe off of the post holding it in place.  Moving into my new office, I reassembled i...  Read the full post ( 358 words, estimated 1:26 mins reading time )

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