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Is America Divided? posted by Evangelism Explosion on Feb, 21

Is America Divided? by Jim Stewart, Evangelism Explosion Regional Coordinator for Southern US Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. - James 5:16 (NASB) Our country is in a moral and spiritual decline. We are more divided than ever since the Civil War. Seventy-five percent...  Read the full post ( 502 words, estimated 2:00 mins reading time )

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Prayer . . . Prayer . . . Prayer posted by Evangelism Explosion on Feb, 15

Prayer . . . Prayer . . . Prayer Dr. Mark Roessler, Field Staff (Tucson, AZ) . . . praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. . . and also for me, that words may be given to me in opening my mouth boldly to proclaim the mystery of the Gospel.  - Ephesians 6:18, 19 In November 1979, I attended my first EE clinic at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale,...  Read the full post ( 542 words, estimated 2:10 mins reading time )

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Are You Listening? posted by Evangelism Explosion on Feb, 6

Are You Listening? by Dr. Darrell L. Farney, EE Prayer Ministry Then the Lord came and stood and called as at other times, “Samuel! Samuel!” And Samuel said, “Speak, for Your servant is listening. - 1 Samuel 3:10 (NASB)   As a boy, I heard my father ask this question a thousand times: Are you listening? Listening was a real challenge for me—and still is! Growing up in a C...  Read the full post ( 487 words, estimated 1:57 mins reading time )

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Thank you! posted by John Sorensen on Jan, 4   Thank you for helping us meet our year-end matching challenge!  We couldn’t have done it without you.  Please click on the video and allow me to tell you what your gift means to Evangelism Explosion and the millions of people you impact. Happy New Year and may God richly bless you! John...  Read the full post ( 54 words, estimated 13 secs reading time )

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Only One LIfe posted by John Sorensen on Jan, 1

The old axiom – “Only one life and soon tis past, only what’s done for Christ will last," is a good reminder for each of us as we begin this new year. Take a moment and ask yourself, what can I do that will last for eternity? It’s a great question to start your year with. Do you have an answer? If so, great! But if not, I’d like to offer one suggestion. Find someone today with whom yo...  Read the full post ( 211 words, estimated 51 secs reading time )

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New Year posted by John Sorensen on Dec, 30

As we prepare to start a new year, I’d like to ask you a question. Do you know for certain that you’ll be in Heaven with God someday? In the Bible we read, “These things I have written that you may know that you have eternal life.“ Do you have that assurance? If not, I’d like to ask you a second question. “If you were to stand before God and He were to say, “Why should I let you...  Read the full post ( 190 words, estimated 46 secs reading time )

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The Gift of God posted by John Sorensen on Dec, 23

The gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ. That is not only Good News. It’s GREAT news! This Christmas, while the traditional practice of exchanging gifts is in full swing, remember to share about the greatest gift ever given — eternal life through Jesus Christ. But, you know, you can’t share something you don’t have. Have you received the free gift of eternal life? It’s not som...  Read the full post ( 166 words, estimated 40 secs reading time )

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Prophecies About Jesus Christ posted by John Sorensen on Dec, 21

Is the Bible true? As God’s witnesses it’s a reasonable question that we should be prepared to answer. Consider sharing this fact. In the Old Testament there are at least 333 prophecies about Jesus Christ, written hundreds of years before Jesus was born in Bethlehem. The chances of all of those being fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ is simply mind boggling! Yet every one of them was...  Read the full post ( 140 words, estimated 34 secs reading time )

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Faith and Christmas posted by John Sorensen on Dec, 19

A woman was walking down the sidewalk during the Christmas season and a reporter asked her, “What is the meaning of Christmas?” The woman responded, “Is that the day that Jesus died?” Now, obviously her answer wasn’t quite right. Christmas was not the day Jesus died but the day that we celebrate His coming to earth. Yet, in reality, Jesus did come to die, to give His life as a ransom...  Read the full post ( 172 words, estimated 41 secs reading time )

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Skeptics and Christmas posted by John Sorensen on Dec, 16

Every year at this time, the Skeptics come out in force trying to debunk the Christ of Christmas. Yet, Christmas provides an incredible opportunity to talk about Jesus Christ – who He is and why He came. After all, it’s His Birthday we celebrate. Have you ever been to a Birthday party where no one talked about the main guest? Of course not. So, don’t let the skeptics and naysayers keep you f...  Read the full post ( 171 words, estimated 41 secs reading time )

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