Leadership Training

Lots Of Things Never Get Done. The Great Commission Can’t Be One Of Them!

Becoming a skilled pilot not only takes class work, but on-the-job training as well. It’s the same with evangelism. Unfortunately, too many evangelism courses are all class work with no practical witnessing experience.

Evangelism Explosion Leadership Training gets you “in the air” with skilled Trainers who go out into the harvest field and share Jesus’ saving story confidently and completely.

You observe. You learn. Then you participate incrementally until you’ve mastered, and shared the Gospel with others.

It’s no secret that the church is the key to the Great Commission. Once lay leaders are trained in EE, you’re ready to take off as you then equip the members of your church.

An EE training event may require one to two and a half days of commitment, but that’s a small price to pay when considering the eternal change it will bring to the lives of your congregation and community!

It’s the same method Jesus used. He began with a handful of people and turned the world upside down!

Take Flight In Four Steps:


  • Key leaders from your church attend a Leadership Training Event (we encourage pastors to attend with lay leaders)
  • Begin training people in your own church
  • Watch as key lay leaders rise to the call of evangelism and outreach
  • Experience personal and healthy church growth!
North American Training Schedules

For information on International Clinic dates click here to contact someone in your area.

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