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10 dead and many missing, and 10,000 homeless, due to Solomon Islands flooding posted by John Sorensen on Apr 05, 2014

I am praying today for the people effected by the massive flooding in the Solomon Islands. I am grieved to learn from staff that 10 have died (and more news is coming), many are missing, and over 10,000 have

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no homes today due to the floods.

Our staff report that there is dramatic loss of infrastructure like roads and bridges. Sai Turaga is one of our leaders there. She wrote: “(This has) really shocked the nation. The big hall just past the airport, and the big bridge were destroyed by the water. Then the water flowed down the main road. Leaf houses were swept away with people inside. Please pray for these families and everyone, this morning we felt a little bit of earthquake and its finished again.

“Here is a picture of the bridge:

“Anyway, thank you for all your prayers, every EE staff member and their families are ok: Central, East & West. All said that they are all in the safe hands of God.”

On top of this, the people there are supported by crops and animals that they raise. Many of these crops are destroyed and the young animals have been killed. So then, even when the flooding is gone, it will take some time to recover.

Please join me in urgently praying for the people in the Solomons. Ask those at church tomorrow to pray as well. If you are able, give to assist those on the ground to organize to help others (through the churches) and share Christ. Many pastors there see this as a clear sign that they must share Christ now. Let’s help them. You can give online here. Your gifts will be sent to the Board of Directors of EE in the Solomon Islands. Please help today as the time is urgent.

BBC article:

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