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What do you do with 2 million enthusiastic kids? posted by jwatson on Oct 31, 2011

Hope for Kids

What do you do with 2 million enthusiastic kids? You train them for the work of evangelism! Already, Hope for Kids is active now in 50 nations around the world. More than 90 Implementation Field Workers are training local church leaders around the world to teach children the story of the Gospel and to equip them to share that story with their friends and family. We expect that at least 500,000 children will be trained in Hope for Kids by the end of 2012, and that each of them would share the Gospel to at least ten of their friends—that’s 5 million children who will hear the message of God’s love and grace.

By the end of the year 2011, we expect to train 17,282 local churches to equip children to share the Gospel. Our ambitious goal is to train 2 million kids who will each share the Gospel with 10 of their friends by 2015. That’s 20 million kids not only won to Christ, but 20 million kids with the desire to be TRAINED to share their faith with others!

Ambitious yes! Possible? Definitely! And we’re gearing up to disciple those millions of kids who make professions of faith in Christ with The Explorers’ Club discipleship material—12 intensive lessons that will help make their newfound faith stick for a lifetime.

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