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2009 International Board Meeting posted by jwatson on Mar 12, 2009

We just concluded our 2009 International Board meeting and it was quite a wonderful week! We heard many outstanding testimonies from the vice president’s regarding the ministry all over the world. The board members considered the outcome of the organizational review task force. And they adopted their recommendations for making the board a smaller, corporate board, and establishing a Congress of Mature Nations for the future.

The first Congress of Mature Nations will be held in Kuala Lumpur in March of 2010. The Archbishop Harry Goodhew has been assigned as the chairman of this Congress. I can’t wait until those opening moments of this new Congress as leaders from every one of the mature nations around the world come together to dream and pray and believe God for the future of this great ministry.

I created a page with some of the highlights of the banquet that came on Friday night at the end of the board meeting. This podcast contains several wonderful projects that the ministry is working on worldwide. I encourage you to take a listen. I’ve also placed one of the songs my daughter Hannah sang at the banquet (she was wonderful!). And finally the comments of Rich DeVos to wrap up the evening.


It was a wonderful board meeting and banquet. And a great vision for the future of this ministry. Thanks for sharing in it. Together we can make a difference.

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