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EE in Nakuru posted by jwatson on Sep 04, 2014

Evangelism Explosion is in Nakuru, Kenya. Nakuru sits in the region of the Great Rift Valley and is the fourth largest urban center in Kenya with more than 300,000 residents. EE began with three individuals in Fort Lauderdale more than 50 years ago and has literally reached the ends of the earth.

During a recent EE training event in Nakuru, 27 people were equipped to share their faith. During on-the-job training, 15 individuals made professions of faith in Christ. As Vincent, our Vice President for EE’s Africa ministry proclaimed:

“This is what the Lord does through us!”

By God’s grace, people in Nakuru and around the world hear the wonderful news of our Savior, Jesus Christ! The photo shows people in Nakuru praying with EE participants to place their trust in Christ.

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