May 18

Where Do All Those Tracts Go? posted by John Sorensen on May 18, 2016


When’s the last time you handed someone a tract or left one at a hotel or restaurant?

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. You know, I’ve actually heard people say that tracts don’t work anymore. They’re a thing of the past. Well, don’t tell that to Dr. Varga. You see, six years ago a stranger handed her a tract – an EE tract to be precise. Her curiosity aroused, she read it and discovered the free gift of eternal life and trusted Jesus Christ as her Savior! Today, she purchases those tracts a thousand at a time in order to share, in her words, “the beautiful message which she received with as many people as she can.” You know, sometimes we’re able to go through the tract with the person we’re sharing with, while other times there’s only enough time to say, “The message in this booklet changed my life and I think it can change yours too.“ Either way, why not give tract evangelism a try? We’ll be happy to send you a few of our “Ticket To Heaven” tracts free of charge.

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