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Bringing life out of the chaos… posted by John Sorensen on Oct 16, 2017

Are you shocked by the level of tragedy that we see around us in these days?

With all the hurricanes, earthquakes, and mass shootings, what are we, as Christians, to think? And do?

The good news is, in the midst of tragedy, the Gospel works!

Steve Witt, an EE teacher, planted a church in Las Vegas called The Well just last year.  Every week, he shares the Good News of Jesus Christ with the people who live and work there—bartenders, casino dealers, and tourists. And in a city where 90% of the population is not Christian, many are open to hearing the Gospel.

After the recent mass shooting in his city, Steve was on the ground and ready. The following Tuesday, 25 teenagers showed up for a youth group gathering, including many who were unsaved. That night, seven prayed to receive Christ.

“People are seeing what evil can evolve to,” said Steve. “God is bringing life out of all this death and chaos.”

Friends, it is through the power of the Gospel that we see tragedy turned to triumph!

But for this kind of change to take place, someone has to share this powerful Gospel in a way that people can understand.  For them to be ready to share, those willing to share must be trained before tragedy occurs.

And that is what you make possible when you support EE. Because of you, we train and equip Christ’s Church to be His witnesses everywhere, all the time. By God’s grace and the partnership of friends like you, we equipped more than 1.2 million Christians to share their faith last year alone.

Friends, it’s a good start.  But it is not enough.  We need to train more.  And for that, I need your help.

Not only is the need urgent, but generous friends of the ministry have issued an incredible $250,000 Matching Challenge.

Every dollar you give between now and December 31, will be matched up to $250,000.  Your gift of $100 doubles to $200. A contribution of $250 grows to $500. And $500 becomes $1,000 to win children, adults, and the elderly across the world to Jesus.

And if we meet the match before the December 31 deadline, that will mean a total of $500,000 to train and mobilize believers to share Jesus.

Best of all, you and others will be giving more people the opportunity to receive the gift of eternal life!

Will you make your most generous gift today?

Let me urge you to respond right away. Millions of people across the world die each year without Christ. Here in the U.S., young people are increasingly drifting away from God. We don’t have the luxury of time.

When you give, you make it possible for everyday Christians across the globe to effectively share Christ with confidence.

Remember, every dollar you donate means an opportunity for someone to come to Jesus. And right now, every dollar you contribute will be doubled—up to $250,000—thanks to the limited-time Matching Challenge.

How many people would you like to win to Jesus today?

And now is the time to send your support. Take advantage of the $250,000 Matching Challenge and make your most generous contribution now!

Thank you for your partnership with me in the Gospel . . . for giving others the priceless gift of new and unending life in Christ as you support EE today.

Together in His Service,






Rev. John B. Sorensen, D.D.
President and CEO

P.S. Your gift now will be DOUBLED and do TWICE as much to open blind eyes and bring God’s love and forgiveness to hurting and confused souls. Take advantage of the special $250,000 Matching Challenge and make your best gift now!


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