Jan 31

posted by John Sorensen on Jan 31, 2020


What’s keeping you from sharing the Gospel? For Julie, it was that she was afraid people wouldn’t take the time to have a Gospel conversation with her. In fact, she set out one day specifically to share the Gospel with anyone she crossed paths with during an Equip America event and…she, and everyone else in Atlanta, got caught in a terrible rainstorm. She had even prayed for good weather leading up to that day. Instead of sunshine, there was rain, yes, but that also meant more people were standing around inside to wait out the bad weather. This gave Julie opportunities AND time to share the Gospel and even pray with someone who wanted to accept Jesus that day. Do you see how God took Julie’s fear and a seemingly bad situation and turned it around for His glory? Don’t let your fears keep you from witnessing to others, the Lord will provide the opportunities if you’ll ask for them! If you need help sharing your faith, visit ShareLife.Today. That’s ShareLife.Today

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