Apr 28

Means of Growth: Prayer posted by John Sorensen on Apr 28, 2020


Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International, and you’re listening to Share Life Today.

This week on Share Life Today we are looking at how we can grow deeper spiritually during this time of uncertainty in our world. I want to focus on the significance of prayer right now. Prayer is one of the greatest privileges of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  The Bible is God speaking to us, but prayer is us speaking to God.  The simple ACTS acrostic provides a useful guideline:  Adoration – praising God for who He is.  Confession – admitting our sin and receiving His forgiveness.  Thanksgiving – thanking God for all that He does.  And supplication – bringing our needs and requests to Him in simple faith.  A – C – T – S.   First Thessalonians 5 seventeen tells us to pray without ceasing. If we’ll do that, we’ll be more aware of our great need for the Lord at all times, and we need Him desperately. If you aren’t comfortable sharing your faith, Evangelism Explosion has a free online Gospel training course to help you get started. Visit ShareLife.University.

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