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So Many Possibilities…with Online Training posted by John Sorensen on Nov 09, 2020

Isn’t God amazing? When a once-in-a-hundred-years global pandemic interrupted our plans, God was with us, guiding and directing our way forward.  With a full year of training scheduled, we suddenly had to reassess—how do we move forward with the mission and vision God has given us in a world of social distancing and quarantine? The truth is that the answer surprised us.

By God’s grace, we were already working on an online training tool in collaboration with GO2020.  But should we, and could we, do more? The answer was undeniably YES!

Since March, we have held numerous online training events—five Share Life Online events, a Hope for Kids training in August, and an Everyday Evangelism launch online in October (with local OJT offered by EE staff members). Plus, our team has conducted dozens of training events in concert with local churches. And, we plan to launch XEE online yet this year.

What we’ve discovered is that there are so many possibilities available through online training. However, these possibilities haven’t come without a cost.

We were burdened to offer these training events and tools with little or no cost.  Add to that the lack of income from standard training events and material sales, and you can see how our training event income has been dramatically reduced.  Add to that the fact that to conduct online training events with excellence, we had need to expand our tools—enlarging our production studios (to accommodate multiple trainers for online events) and increasing technical and human resources.

You are a key part of our ability to offer such great training!  Your gifts enable us to continue, even during times when in-person training isn’t possible. Everything we do has a purpose: to change lives for eternity. When you give to support the ongoing ministry of EE, you become part of that story and you change lives. Every gift counts. Each donation goes a long way in training believers to share the greatest hope that we have—our faith in Jesus Christ.

As we move ahead, we do not know all that a post-COVID-19 future looks like. But thankfully God does. His mission—to share His Gospel to every people, tribe, and tongue doesn’t change. Thank you for continuing to equip Christians to proclaim the Gospel throughout the world!

As you consider your year-end giving, may I ask you to please pray about giving your best gift towards changing lives. And may God bless you as you do.

Together, in His Service,






Dr. John B. Sorensen, D.D., D.H.L.

President/CEO, EE International


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