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Give the Gift of Eternal Life this Christmas posted by John Sorensen on Dec 07, 2020

Dear Friends,

As we come to the end of 2020, I’m convinced of two things:  the Gospel still works and you are making a difference! Even in the midst of all the fog of this year, lives are still being changed all over the world to the Glory of God.

A heartwarming example of this is nine-year-old Evelina.

Evelina lives in a small, rural village in Moldova without many opportunities to hear about God. This year, by God’s grace and your partnership, she was invited to a Christian camp near her village. It was there that she heard and responded positively to the Gospel. Evelina declared, “I have prayed to God, and I have the assurance that I will go to Heaven with Him. I begin to have more hope in Him, and trust that He is with me every day.”

This camp is a branch of the partnership that the Hope for Kids ministry of Evangelism Explosion has with One Hope. The partnership focuses on equipping children’s workers to share the Gospel plainly with children, to teach them to share their faith in Christ, and to provide the children with free resources to share with their friends.

“At the camp, I received the Book of Hope for children. It was very interesting, and I got another ten that I gave away as presents to my friends. My friends liked this book very much and wanted to go with me to the camp,” explained Evelina.

Through this partnership, more than 10,000 training books have been distributed to children all over Moldova. Evelina told us this: “I didn’t know anything about God before the camp. After I read the Book of Hope, I learned that God loves me. After I prayed to God, I started to become friends with Him.” Evelina continues going to the only church in her village. She invited her sister Crina to join her, and they now read the Bible together.

It is exciting to see God using the Hope for Kids ministry to help children like Evelina begin a relationship with the Lord. Evelina is one of more than 100,000 children we will train in how to share their faith through the ministry of Evangelism Explosion just this year!

When you give to the ministry of EE, you help us equip believers from around the world, just like Evelina, to offer the gift of eternal life. Thank you for being part of empowering the Church to change the world through the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Will you continue to help us to equip believers of every age group to share the hope that they have in Jesus?

I am keenly aware that many are struggling this year. We certainly have had our share of challenges as well. Please know that we do not take you for granted. Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel.

As we approach Christmas, the words of an old Gaither song echo in my mind, “And the Word of the Father, became Mary’s little son. And His love reached all the way to where I was…” That is certainly true for me—and many like Evelina all over this world. Glory to God!

As I said, I’m convinced of two things:  the Gospel still works and you are making a difference!

Merry Christmas! May this be your best ever!

Together in His service,






Rev. John B. Sorensen, D.D., D.H.L.

President & CEO


PS: If you haven’t taken advantage of this year’s tax credit, now’s the perfect time to do this. As part of the COVID-19 stimulus bill, donors who use the standard deduction on their taxes can now deduct up to $300 for donations made to charitable organizations on their taxes for 2020 only. Will you donate today to change lives for eternity?

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