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40 and Counting posted by John Sorensen on Feb 15, 2016


“I keep running out of those Spiritual Birth Certificates.”  This is what we call a “hallelujah problem.”

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  One of our core values in EE is Spiritual Multiplication.  Here’s a story of what that looks like.  David trained Alec in their local church to share the Gospel.  Alec, in turn, trained Johnathan.  RecentlyJohnathan called David – he shared with him how being trained to share the Gospel has simply changed his life. To quote Johnathan, “Not sharing the Gospel because of fear would be like a Doctor being afraid to offer treatment because he’s afraid of how the patient may or may not react to the offer.”  In 2015, by God’s grace, Johnathan shared the Gospel with over 40 people, 10 making professionsof faith and that’s why he keeps running out of spiritual birth certificates.  His grandmothers so impressed that she wants to be trained.

Stories like Johnathan’s are being multiplied around the world.  You can watch my interview with Johnathan at

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