Oct 12

A Cloud of Witnesses posted by John Sorensen on Oct 12, 2021


When thinking about running the race of the Christian life, it helps me to consider the history around me. I sometimes study at an antique desk. The finish is cracked. The corners are rounded. The chair creaks. Some people tell me to get a new desk that doesn’t look so old and outdated, but you know other preachers have used this desk—many very fine preachers. And studying at that desk causes me to consider those that have gone before me. This is kind of what we’re told in Hebrews twelve one (12:1) where the writer mentions a “cloud of witnesses,” which were people who were heavily persecuted for the cause of the Gospel. They were beaten, stoned, and sawn in two for their faith. They were people who finished the race, and shared the Gospel passionately to the very end. So let me encourage you today: consider these heroes of the past who have run the race and won. We can do it too! And knowing that can help us finish strong. For more information and encouragement, visit share life dot today.

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