Jul 27

A Czech Republic Training posted by John Sorensen on Jul 27, 2021


This past June in the beautiful region of Moravia, a training was held for Christians to learn to share their faith. There was a wide spectrum of Czech believers of all different ages from five different churches. And they saw a moving of the Holy Spirit within the two weekends of the training that changed many of them forever. On one afternoon, one of the groups found three girls sitting in a park, and they asked them if they had some time. The girls said, “oh yes, we have no plans.” “Would it be all right if we shared some great questions with you all?” asked these believers. They heartily agreed; and the group told them about what Jesus did for them on the cross. The girls individually confirmed that they wanted to accept the gift of eternal life. The group went away rejoicing and encouraged after making sure the girls were connected for follow up discipleship. For some, this was the first time they had seen someone come to Christ. Hear more at share life dot today.

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