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A Dream in the Making posted by Darrell Farney on Mar 06, 2012

For some time now I have envisioned a Prayer covering for the ministries of Evangelism Explosion in North America. Evangelism Explosion has many wonderful equipping tools that are prospering in other parts of the world but seem to be languishing under the affluence and prosperity of the church in America. It is my dream that as a blanket of prayer is spread across this continent pastors will be open to equipping their people rather than merely teaching and entertaining them.

In my last two trips to Florida the Lord has raised up three men who are joining me in helping this dream become a reality.

St. Augustine



Dwight Preheim and Albert Kaidor are from St. Augustine, FL and Rev. John Harris is from First Baptist Church in Orlando, FL. I praise the Lord for raising up these men who are standing with me in the development of this new ministry vision.

The Lord has also brought three ladies to help with this vision but I promised them I would not post their photos. The U. S. Board has affirmed this vision and beginning April 1st we will roll out the first phase of this prayer coverage. Please view the Prayer Network video below that describes what the Lord is building. Thank you for your prayers for the EE Prayer Network.

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