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A Great Opportunity! posted by jwatson on Oct 19, 2009

I’ve had a few questions about a website that lists me as the “Minister of Evangelism.” ( I’m sure that has raised a few eyebrows. Please allow me to explain…

It’s been years since I’ve had the opportunity to run the EE ministry in a local church.  I was the Teacher/Trainer at Christ Community Church in Omaha, Nebraska for 1995 and 1996.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve participated throughout my time on staff with EE in various churches with many of the ministries that we offer.  And I’ve had the joy of teaching clinics as the Senior Clinic Teacher.  But I’ve wanted to find a church where I can run the ministry, try some things, and train a group of people for the greatest fun this side of Heaven.

That chance has come.

With the planting of a new church out of the core group of Coral Ridge has come a great opportunity for me.  This is, for the most part, the founding group of Coral Ridge—great EE supporters!  Included in the group is one of the founders of Evangelism Explosion International, Mrs. Anne Kennedy.  I had the opportunity to preach there last month and as I surveyed the sea of smiling faces I felt like I was home.

When Jim Carlson (another key player in the founding of EE) asked if I would serve as the Minister of Evangelism I couldn’t help but say yes.  He assured me that this new church would be an EE friendly place, open to trying some new things, and growing together as we share Christ with those in need.

The position is a volunteer position with no required hours except for the running of EE.  I’m sure that you are aware that all EE staff participate in a local EE ministry, so this is not anything out of the ordinary.  When I’m traveling, we’ll find another church member, or another EE staffer, to fill in.

The idea of a position like this is not without precedence.  Many of the former heads of EEI have served as the evangelism pastor at Coral Ridge.  The past President had a role at CRPC (as you know!) and I guess that worked out OK.

It is also not a statement against Coral Ridge.  Not at all.  CRPC has a great Evangelism Ministry in Duane Mellor.  I’ve offered my help to Duane any time he needs it.

No, this is just an exciting opportunity for me.  I’ve prayed for this.  Many of your know my heart in this area.

We’ll start with getting the trainers together this fall and planning the spring semester.  I’m excited about it and certainly appreciate your prayers.

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