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A Great Partnership posted by John Sorensen on Feb 01, 2016


God’s providence and our participation combine for a great partnership.

Hi, this is John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  This is clearly on display in the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch, in Acts 8.  Philip was involved in a revival in Samaria.  He was proclaiming the Gospel and people were being saved.  But, right in the middle of this revival, the Lord tells Philip to leave.  To go where you ask?  Well, we would say, to the middle of nowhere – a desert place.  He gets there and his divine appointment drives up in a chariot.  Acting on orders from the Spirit, Philip goes up to the chariot – one things leads to another – Philip shares the Gospel and the man is saved.  When God ordains the end, He also ordains the means to the end.  God ordained that the eunuch be saved AND that Philip would share the Gospel.  Opportunities to share the Gospel often present themselves.  The question is:  Do we take advantage of them?  If you need help knowing what to say, you can visit us online at

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