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A home on Capitol Hill for the Gospel posted by jwatson on May 08, 2013

I do not think many of you would be shocked to know that Capitol Hill has its own culture.

Things are done, said, and accomplished here in a certain way. Everyone from interns to members of Congress want to know who you are, what you want and where your offices are located.

For many years, the D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship (CCS) has been able to integrate with the community as best we could without a home office.  It didn’t matter to us that we didn’t have a location or permanent offices.  We understood and acknowledged that God would act through us without a brick and mortar building.  George Roller and I have experienced so many divine appointments that one day our “office” was in Starbucks while the next day it was in one of the cafeterias in the Congressional offices. We didn’t expect—nor did we need—a building to share the Gospel. We saw growth and friendships develop in spite of a permanent location.  We realized that we could be affective ministers of the Gospel without a building…but boy did we want one.

You see, Capitol Hill thrives on order and clarity. It may seem counter-intuitive, but everything is very organized, with clean lines of distinction. There are so many organizations, groups, non-profits etc. In order to keep up with all of it the Hill filters those it deems illegitimate.  A building is one of the biggest filters of legitimacy.  A home in the District adds an invaluable air of authority to those working on Capitol Hill. It’s simply a game changer.

Disclaimer: for all of you that will say, “God doesn’t need a building to accomplish His will”. I am with you all the way, He doesn’t. He doesn’t need you or me to accomplish His will, yet He chooses to use us, and I am excited to see how He uses this new building to His Glory.

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