A Model of Faith in Action in D.C.

Ministering in Washington, D.C. on a whole new level

With a new, permanent four-story building for ministry including the D. James Kennedy Library on Capitol Hill, the D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship (CCS) begins a new chapter on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

Day and night, CCS now has access to do ministry without limitations or constraints.

Dr. George Roller, the Center’s Executive Director, envisions endless possibilities. “It will make for effective ministry on a whole new level to reach those for Christ who make our nation’s laws,” he exclaimed. “Psalm 33:12 says blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. We go forward with that resolve.”

Watch these ministry videos.

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Strategic Outreach Needs Your Help

Now that the Center has a new, permanent building for ministry, we need $650,000. The actual budget was $2 million to buy, renovate, furnish and expand the ministry to use this space. Praise the Lord! We already have $1.35 million, but we still need $650,000.

What a wonderful God-honoring resource this will be for leaders on Capitol Hill. But necessary renovations still must be made since this four-story structure was built in 1890.

Please consider a gift to help us with this strategic outreach on Capitol Hill, especially as we remember our great Christian heritage and our nation’s independence this month. The Center’s ministry in D.C. is as vibrant and effective and growing more than anytime in our history with the same fearless commitment of our Founder, Dr. Kennedy, and his wife, Anne. That zeal and growth only happens by God’s grace and with your help.

Please join with me to thank God for this amazing blessing. And please send a gift today to help us expand the proclamation of the Gospel on Capitol Hill.