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A Set Of Keys posted by John Sorensen on Mar 28, 2016


When sharing the Gospel with someone, how do you explain faith?

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  I’d like to share an illustration with you that I’ve found helpful in explaining what true faith is when sharing the Gospel.  Imagine I’m holding a set of keys.  You know, they all look somewhat alike.  But, if you go to the front door of my homeonly one of these keys will unlock the door.  And in the same way, the right key will open the door to Heaven.  And that right key is called saving faith. Nothing but saving faith will open that door. So, what is saving faith?  Well, it’s trusting in Jesus Christ ALONE for eternal life.  And that means resting upon Christ and what He has done rather than on my efforts to get into Heaven.  You see, people trust in only one of two things  either in themselves or in Christ.

Visit to see a demonstration ofthe set of keys illustration and then try it out.

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