Jun 30

A Win for Religious Liberty posted by John Sorensen on Jun 30, 2014

Today, in a monumental ruling the U.S. Supreme Court declared that Christian business owners do not have to leave their religious values at the door of their company.  The decision came as a result of the Hobby Lobby case where the Christian owned company did not want to follow the birth control mandate of the Affordable Care Act claiming it violated their Christian beliefs.  Hobby Lobby took a stand that has defended religious liberty for all Christian businesses.  

Evangelism Explosion President, Dr. John Sorensen said,”Religious liberty here in the United States directly affects our ability to share the Gospel! It’s easy to imagine a time when our freedom to share the whole truth of Christ is less than we enjoy today.  We’ve seen the eroding of such right in other countries and continue to pray for this great nation.  This fight on Hobby Lobby’s part is a big win for all religious movement here in the United States.  And through us to the world.”

Hobby Lobby is to be commended for holding fast to their religious convictions and we can all thank God for today’s decision.

For more information go to the National Religious Broadcaster’s website.

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