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A World Away posted by jwatson on Aug 18, 2014

He jumped on his motorcycle like he did everyday. Usually, Richard Ouma is visiting a pastor in yet another church in northern Uganda, where he served Evangelism Explosion faithfully as a field worker. But for this trip, he was visiting his brother at a university.

Richard’s work as an EE field worker was tireless because EE field workers in Africa minister to several churches at a time.

EE field workers are assisters. They come alongside pastors and teach them the importance of equipping their congregations for the work of evangelism. They encourage pastors because the demands of pastoral care are endless. They help pastors get EE started in their churches by organizing, promoting and teaching. They check in regularly to ensure that the EE ministry is moving in the right direction. Their work never stops. They understand firsthand that while the harvest is plentiful the workers are few. But that didn’t deter Richard.

This was just another day, a special visit to see his brother. But this day would end like none other as Richard lost control of his motorcycle and died in a crash.

He loved his ministry with EE. And even after losing his life on this earth, his ministry continued. It was only fitting that the EE Gospel presentation was shared during Richard’s funeral, and 60 people made professions of faith in Jesus Christ.

We will miss Richard, but we know for certain that he is with God in Heaven. Please keep his daughter and mother in prayer.


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