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Albania posted by John Sorensen on Sep 24, 2015


You know the Bible tells us that one day we’ll reach every tongue and every tribe and every nation with the Gospel. So every time I hear about the power of the Gospel around the world, I’m encouraged.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International In Albania, I heard about a family who forced their daughter into an engagement with a man of another religion. His name was Altin. She was a believer and attended a Bible-believing church. So she brought Altin to her church and introduced him to the pastor who decided to counsel him using parts of the Gospel. Guess what happened? Altin made a profession of faith in Jesus and today the foundation for their marriage is Jesus Christ. They raise their children according to biblical principles—all because God’s grace moves all over the world. Do you have a desire to share what Christ has done for you with those around you, but aren’t sure what to say?

Well, we can help at where you’ll find free tips, tools and other resources to help you share your faith in Jesus Christ.

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