Sep 14

Already Gone posted by John Sorensen on Sep 14, 2015


Take a look around you next Sunday morning. Look specifically at the children and teens in your church. Now, imagine that two-thirds of them have just disappeared.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. Nationwide polls and denominational studies are showing that the youth of today will have left the church before they even reach college age. They might be sitting there next to you right now, but in their hearts, many of them are already gone. You might be thinking, my child my grandchild? And I certainly hope that’s not the case but what about the rest. Is there anything we can do? Well, according to Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis, we need to defend the Word of God and live out the Word to this generation.

We need to teach our youth how to answer the skeptical questions of our day — challenging them to build their thinking in every area of life on God’s Word. To learn more, I encourage you to visit and watch my interview with Ken Ham.

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