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America needs change. We have the answer. It’s JESUS CHRIST! posted by jwatson on Sep 21, 2015

Dear Friend of Evangelism Explosion,

Do you desire to see America changed for the better?

Does your heart long for a true, deep and lasting return to righteousness in our nation? Do you want:

  • Justice for the unborn
  • Religious liberty for all
  • True marriage upheld in law
  • A strong America that doesn’t negotiate away our freedom and our future
  • The blessings of peace and prosperity

Well, so do I. And it’s commonly thought that the method to change our nation is to elect godly men and women for public office. That’s the solution, right?


America needs men and women with strong biblical moral convictions to lead. But something else must come first. Can you guess what it is?

“The place to begin changing the world is on the inside,
within the hearts and minds of men and women.”

Those are the words of the late D. James Kennedy – the founder of Evangelism Explosion. He was an outspoken voice calling for Christian civic involvement and a return to America’s founding moral principles. But he understood that the Gospel comes first. As he said:

“No amount of political activism or
educational reform and no legislative or judicial
enactment will yield any abiding fruit without this first most important
matter being addressed by all concerned.”

Sharing the Gospel, as C.S. Lewis said, is the “most practical
Christian-political act of all.”

But the Gospel does no good to others if it is not shared. It’s alarming that more than fifty percent of the evangelical churches in America experienced no professions of faith in Christ in the past year. Much of what is called “church growth” has little to do with leading people to Christ.

The solution?

Christians graciously sharing the Gospel with their friends, relatives, work associates and neighbors. And the truly great news is that, with your help, it can be done!

Because of friends like you, Evangelism Explosion trained more than one million people to share Jesus all over the world last year. And your gift now will equip even more with the Gospel of Jesus Christ—in the U.S. and around the world.

Dale, trained in EE, struck up a friendship with George and his wife, Joan, a lovely couple who attended church regularly. One day, Dale talked with them about God and then handed them a Gospel tract. They took it home, read it and, to their amazement, realized they were trusting in their own “works” for their salvation. They immediately made professions of faith in Christ and became bold and joyful witnesses for Jesus!

What if every one of the estimated 70 million evangelical Christians in America were equipped, like Dale, to share the Gospel with others? Can you imagine the impact for God’s Kingdom?

We need to change the track that America is on today. But there’s just one key way. And you can be part of it!

Will you give today to equip more believers to share Jesus?

Your gift now will equip pastors and laypeople with the Good News. Once trained the Gospel goes everywhere they go every day. And as the hearts of more and more people are transformed this nation will once again honor God and His principles.

But it doesn’t happen by accident. People must be trained. So, when you give a gift, you equip people to turn our world upside down for Christ and help bring our nation back to God.

I know you want your children and grandchildren to know the freedom to worship God that you have enjoyed, but there is no guarantee that will happen unless we act. It is only by God’s grace and your prayers and gifts that we can continue to equip Christians to share the Gospel and train others to do the same.

Can I count on your help today?

The Gospel is our only hope, for individual life transformation and for our nation. Your prayers and gifts help us spread the only real answer to our nation’s ills.

Please help by giving today. Thank you!

Yours in His Service,


John B. Sorensen,
D.D. President

P.S. When you give to train laypeople to reach our world for Christ, you will help restore our culture and preserve religious liberty. Please give now.


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