Dec 14

An Analogy When Witnessing posted by John Sorensen on Dec 14, 2017


We shouldn’t be all that surprised or even caught off guard if we run into someone who thinks that all religions are the same or that Jesus Christ is just one of many ways to Heaven.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  Someone once made this analogy and I think it’s a good one to keep in mind or even share when responding to the claim, “all religions are the same.” Here’s the analogy, We’re all drowning, and the religions of the world are like a lifeguard throwing us a set of instructions on how to swim – how to save ourselves.  Christianity is akin to the Savior Himself jumping into the water to save us at the expense of His own life.  You see, all other religions, if they offer salvation at all, are based on a person’s good works.  In Christianity, salvation is a free gift – not earned or deserved but paid for by Jesus Christ.  Why not share that good news with someone today.  For more helpful witnessing tips, we’ll send you our Reasonable Answers for Honest Skeptics Pocket Guide free.  Visit

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