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An Extended Exchange posted by John Sorensen on Feb 09, 2016


It was described as an “extended exchange.”

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  Here’s proof that we live in a “sound bite” culture.  A Presidential candidate had a town hall exchange on the subject of terrorism.   Upon seeing this video, a news panelist remarked that it was helpful to see this “extended exchange.”  This exchange had lasted less than one minute.  This is our reality and our Gospel conversations are also impacted by this trend.  But, what we can’t do is condense the Gospel into a minute.  Also, our response must not be, “Since I don’t have much time, I won’t even attempt to get into a spiritual discussion.”  This is where Gospel tracts are our ally.  Even if you can only mention briefly how important Jesus is to you, your acquaintance can walk away with the Gospel.  Say thisWe don’t have time to talk about this, but if we did, I would share the message in this booklet.  It’s a message that’s changed my life.”  If youre willing to give it a try, we’ll send you a few free Gospel.  Visit us at

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