Jul 23

Another Gospel Triumph posted by John Sorensen on Jul 23, 2014

Victor and his wife are the parents of two beautiful daughters, but his relationship with them was hindered by his excessive drinking and cursing.

In spite of these drawbacks, his girls attended church and became involved in the Hope for Kids Explorers Club discipleship ministry.

He immediately noticed that the girls were coming home happy. They told him what they were learning and begged him to come to church with them. He refused, but their persistence wore him down. On his first visit to church he heard the greatest news he could ever hear, about a Savior who died for Him and his sins, and he made a profession of faith in Christ.

The girls noticed the immediate change in his life. His drinking and cursing stopped, and attending church with his wife and daughters became a weekly event. “I’m so glad that my daughters taught me about God when it should have been me teaching them,” he said.

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