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Answering Islam posted by jwatson on Oct 05, 2012

Strong national and international tensions and controversies in the secular environment often spill over into the Church.  The recent video titled “Innocence of Muslims” that was posted on YouTube evoked a violent response in the Muslim world.  This in turn has led to fresh condemnations of Muslims by many, including by some Christians.  What is to be a truly Christ-like response?  Check out for a response by a Christ-follower who has firsthand knowledge of Islam and middle eastern Islamic society.  The article is not meant to be an analysis of all that is going on; rather it focuses on our personal priority of a Christ-like attitude that exemplifies loving even those who hate us, just as Christ has done for us (Romans 5:8).   (EE International does not give blanket endorsement of external Web sites such as, but we think that this article is very helpful to consider.)

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