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Anthony posted by John Sorensen on Oct 12, 2015


Here was a man lost in despair.  Anthony had just lost both of his parents and his only remaining family member, his grandmother, was dying.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  He said the pressure was like being under water and coming up gasping for air.  But then, Anthony met someone who knew how to share his faith in Jesus.  Anthony said that before this encounter, he had looked to God and was asking God for good news.  Well, Anthony got more than good news.  He received the Good News of the Gospel and made a profession of faith in Christ.  That’s one of the great joys of learning how to share your faith; seeing people, like Anthony, go from despair to joy, from death to life.

We can help you experience that in your life too.  Visit for free tips, tools and other Gospel resources including a unique mercy ministry tool that anyone can use.  It’s opening doors around the world to help people share their faith.

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