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Are You A Threat? posted by jwatson on Oct 08, 2012

Do you ever wonder if you’re a threat? With the amount of metal detectors and “wanding” I go through each week, I sure feel like one! I can sometimes find myself pausing at my front door out of habit! As far as security is concerned, everyone is suspect but only a few are a threat. Are you a threat to Satan for the souls of men? It’s a question that I have to ask myself repeatedly. In all honesty, it’s a daily question. The truth is, some of us don’t even realize we are even in the game! We have become so comfortable that we don’t realize we are on the sideline! Life challenges you to find your comfort and stay there. We are told to roll up our sleeves until you reach your dream. But the life of a Christian never ends in this life. There is no comfort, job or tax bracket that will suffice. We are called to battle for the souls of men. There is a spiritual war raging as you read this and will continue until Jesus returns. What I want to know and what you should want to know is…….are you a threat?

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