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Are You Ready? posted by John Sorensen on Apr 01, 2016


Are you ready to talk to someone about your faith – what you believe and why you believe it – at a moments notice?

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. It’s my experience and that of so many others that once we know how to share our faith in Christ, God will very strategically place people in our path. And it can happen in the most natural way. Recently a staff member told me how she was at an event and a man sitting close by on a bench began questioning what she was working on.  Then he asked who she worked for and she told him.  After a couple more questions she realized she needed to stop what she was doing and ask him a question.  The question she asked was, “Do you have a spiritual background?”  Now, that’s a question any of us can ask.  This man’s answer was,“No.  But I’d like to.” Could you ask for a more obvious opportunity.  And she was thrilled to be able to share the Gospel with him.  For us, faith’s perfect timing is to respond. For more tips, tools and even videos to help you share your faith visit our website at

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