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“Armed” and “Dangerous” posted by jwatson on Feb 27, 2014

You will be shocked at what children are being taught in the Eurasian country of Kyrgyzstan.

The young boy pictured here looks innocent enough, but he is “armed” and “dangerous.” He has radically altered the lives of the seven people in his family; three sisters, two brothers and even his mother and father.

As of the writing of this letter, we don’t know if he’s had contact with anyone else. But equipped with what he knows, we believe he can hardly keep himself contained.

By now, I’m sure you realize that the young man I’m referring to is armed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Farkhat was trained to share the Gospel in Kyrgyzstan through our Hope for Kids (HFK) training ministry. Armed with his newfound training and his Pathway to Hope witnessing booklet, his entire family made professions of faith in Christ.

When eight people in one Kyrgyzstan household become believers in Jesus Christ that household transforms into a house church. House churches are factories of faith in this area of the world where the Word of God is studied and followed.

Since the transformation of Farkhat’s entire family, they have shared the Gospel with two other large families who have joined their house church. And now their house church may be larger than some small town American churches!

It’s the power of the Gospel unleashed in one life. Millions of children just like Farkhat around the globe are discovering the power to share the greatest story ever told. And not just children. Teens, adults, the incarcerated, the deaf, all ages and all walks are learning to tell others about Christ with “explosive” results!

In Mississippi, Blake discovered the power of the Gospel by God’s grace through EE training. He put it to use with a close friend. “I have tried to get him to understand salvation for months,” Blake exclaimed. But it was only after Blake learned and then shared the EE Gospel presentation with his friend that he understood and professed Christ as his Savior.

Blake referred to the experience of seeing someone come from death to eternal life as a fairy tale. “We were blown away by the effectiveness of the training,” he remarked.

It’s anything but a fairy tale. It’s real and it works across all ages and cultures. But your help is urgently needed now. With your help we can continue to see a multiplication of the Gospel so that every person on earth hears the salvation story of Jesus.

Now that a new year has begun we have watched giving slow. But we cannot allow ministry to slow. The Gospel in one life is powerful and if we turn down the tempo of ministry, I’m concerned about those who might miss this training, those lives who would not hear the only story of eternal hope and joy.

Your support is critical now to make sure our amazing momentum is not slowed. Today, indigenous cultures steeped in untruth are hearing the Gospel and grasping it through training ministries like our Weavers training. Those behind prison walls are discovering life to the full as they comprehend the amazing grace of God through EE prison ministry and then share Jesus with fellow inmates.

With your faithful and generous help, children like Farkhat and adults like Blake have revolutionary life changes becoming lifetime disciples for Christ with Hope for Kids, Everyday Evangelism and Classic EE training.

It’s working. It really is.

But it takes funding to help EE field workers stand with pastors in the most important work a pastor can do, which is to equip his people for evangelism.

It takes funding to expand the number of training events in the States and around the world exposing more people to full and joyful lives as evangelists. It takes funding to keep training materials relevant and fresh for all generations.

Your gift now will empower and equip us for everything we do to advance the Gospel for the glory of God.

Please consider a gift today. I really do see a time when everyone on this earth has heard the Gospel. By God’s grace and with your help, we can break that finish line tape.

Thank you, and may you experience God’s richest blessings this New Year.

Yours in His service,

Dr. John B. Sorensen

PS: Our goal is to conduct over 2,000 week long Leadership Training Clinics worldwide in 2014, training over 50,000 church leaders to equip their congregations to be witnesses for Christ. Your partnership is vital to making that training available to thousands who desire to witness for Christ. Thank you for being part of this important work!

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