Nov 29

Assured and Sharing posted by John Sorensen on Nov 29, 2019


Jon attended a Bible-believing church every Sunday for years and wouldn’t think of missing worship. And, yet, he missed the most important thing. Jon looked like a believer on the outside, but, in his heart, He had no assurance that he’d go to Heaven when he died. Sadly, this is an all-too-familiar story in the church today. Through a series of circumstances, God got Jon’s attention, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ transformed him.  He couldn’t keep this Good News to himself. “If only I could share with one person,” he thought. His Plan was to invite people to his church. And they came! Yet, he still didn’t know how to share the Good News with them, the very news that had transformed his life. Maybe that’s similar to your story too. You’re just not sure where to start in sharing the Gospel. Thankfully, Jon learned to share his faith and you can too. If you need help witnessing, we can equip you for the job! Visit ShareLife.Today. That’s ShareLife.Today.

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