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Be a Patriot – Win Your Neighbor to Christ posted by John Sorensen on Jul 02, 2018


Are you a patriot?  As we approach America’s Birthday, it’s a question worth pondering.  Hi, I’m John Sorensen, president of Evangelism Explosion International for Share Life Today.  The great author, C. S. Lewis said, “The most significant political act that any Christian can take is, to convert his neighbor.”  He understood that once someone’s heart is genuinely changed, everything else soon follows.  Their belief system, including what they value, how they spend their time, where and how they spend their money, and even how they vote, can be sanctified.  So if you’re concerned about the direction of America, share the Gospel.  If you’re concerned about what kind of America you’re children and grandchildren will grow up in, shaaare the Gospel!  It’s the surest way I know to leave a godly legacy for future generations and it honors our Lord’s last command.  As always, if you need help sharing your faith, we’re here to help. Visit

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