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Believers in Greece Ask for Prayer posted by John Sorensen on Jul 14, 2015

Would you please pray for Greece? The nation is sunk in a severe economic crisis and I just heard from fellow believers there. They relayed their concerns for themselves—and for the growth of God’s Kingdom in Greece!

The situation is  dire and the just-negotiated bailout means more pain ahead for the nation’s 11 million citizens. Greece already suffers from 25 percent unemployment (50 percent among youth) and the nation’s GDP is a third of what it was in 2008.

And if the bailout is accepted by Greek lawmakers, that means pension cuts, a tax increase, government austerity measures and more.

Pray “for Greeks to return to God”

George Verzea, EE Vice President for Europe, relayed the anxieties of our friends at the Athens Bible school, where he has taught XEE, and a Romanian church in Athens, which has implemented EE:

“Both communicated that they are worried for the future, economy is bad, but they trust the Lord for going through these very difficult conditions! They need our prayer support.”

And they had these specific requests:

“They asked to pray for wisdom and integrity for their political leaders, for the grace of the Lord for the believers, for Greeks to return to God and for enlarging of God’s Kingdom in Greece!”

I hope you’ll lift up the nation of Greece in the days ahead. Ask God to intervene with an outpouring of grace for the people of Greece. Ask Him to bring relief and, most importantly, to draw men and women to himself during this difficult time.

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