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Bitter, not broken posted by jwatson on Mar 11, 2014

For five years, Janice, age 12, and her younger brother lived with the bitter truth that their mom left them. Raised in the care of their aunt, their adolescence was wrapped in confrontations with other peers, the result of living with bitterness toward their mom’s departure.

Their aunt was diligent to bring them to church every Sunday. But it wasn’t until they attended a Hope for Kids (HFK) Scripture Fair that they both caught a glimmer of hope. They enjoyed the HFK games and wanted to take part in the training.

During each week of HFK training, their countenance began to change. They mingled easily with the other kids.  A true transformation ensued and they began sharing the Gospel with the school kids that had caused them much grief.

When asked about her impression of the HFK training, Janice replied:  “It was here that I know more about how Jesus loves me in spite of what happened to us.”

EE Hope for Kids is showing kids that they are not alone. The light of Jesus is streaming down upon them, and they are being equipped to share the Gospel with others.

EE is equipping people across all generations, like Janice and her brother, to share the Gospel. Find out how to become equipped to share your faith and then equip others.

Click here for training information.

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