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Brave Heart posted by John Sorensen on Oct 08, 2021


There was a movie called Brave Heart directed by and starring Mel Gibson. He played a poor Scotsman whose wife had been killed by the nobles in league with the Crown. He rallied all of Scotland to stand up against what seemed an overwhelming foe to fight for freedom. Even to his last breath, he held on to the hope of freedom. Hope made him brave. Hope gave him heart. You see, hope is so critical. With hope, we can act bravely, against all odds. Though we are broken in pieces with miseries and calamities, we will not yield. Isaiah forty thirty-one says this, “They that hope in the Lord will renew their strength; they’ll soar on wings like eagles.” Now your Bible may use “wait”; but it is the same Hebrew word for the word “hope”. So, how do you feel today? Do you have a brave heart? Are you filled with hope? Are you sharing that hope with others? Learn more about how you can by visiting our website share life dot today.

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