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Build the incarcerated church posted by jwatson on Sep 30, 2011

There is a mighty church of God being built, but it has no steeple, no cross on top, no pews, or even a traditional altar. The calls to worship are not the sounds of bells reverberating through a community. No. Instead, the calls to worship are the clang of prison cell doors opening and the shuffling of feet on cold, hard steel floors.

The core of the work that EE Prison Ministry is building the incarcerated church in prisons across 29 U.S. states.

The plan from Art Hallett, Director for EE Prison Ministry, is to empower those in prison to reach and then equip their fellow prisoners who they live with and eat with and fellowship with 24/7. This is far different from other prison ministries that visit with the incarcerated for a few hours each day and then leave.

“We are there to equip incarcerated men and women and establish the incarcerated church, because that’s real prison reform,” says Art.
Once the ministry is planted in a prison, Art then enlists local churches who commit to work with prison chaplains and train up male and female prisoners for spiritual multiplication inside the prison.

Jeremy is a perfect example. While serving a life term, Jeremy made a profession of faith in Christ through EE Prison Ministry. That was just the beginning. He was then equipped to share his faith and train others to do the same. He said, “I finally found the ministry God called me to.”

Building the church inside prison walls is the only way for real reform in the lives of countless men and women who serve time in prisons.

EE Prison Ministry is taking its next big step to get into the remaining 21 U.S. states.

Learn how you can get involved in next month’s Multiply.

Recidivism rate dramatically reduced

The national recidivism rate, that is, criminal acts resulting in a re-arrest and a return to prison, is 85 percent. Once prisoners are equipped through EE Prison Ministry, and then released, the recidivism rate drops to an almost unbelievable 2.8 percent!

National Average: 85%
After being trained in EE: 2.8%

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