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By God’s Grace posted by jwatson on Nov 02, 2012

By God’s Grace

God’s hand continues to propel EE and the Gospel of Jesus Christ forward. D. James Kennedy founded EE in 1962. He was one man who had a vision for evangelism, and now EE is present in almost 200 countries worldwide.

One of those countries is Jordan in the Middle East. The Middle East has been labeled as “one of the more difficult areas of the world” for the proclamation of the Gospel, which is an understatement.

Our EE Area Coordinator there (name withheld for security reasons) shared this recent report:

“Dear beloved in Christ, peace to you from the Jordan River. I want to share our joy with you. Today we went to the Jordan River with 200 people, the place where Jesus was baptized. With thanks to God and the EE ministry, we baptized 21 new believers. All glory to God!”

We know this is of God’s grace first and foremost. But your partnership through prayer and funding is a huge assistance. Please remember to pray! And please give to EE during our $200,000 Matching Challenge Fund. It’s a wonderful opportunity to double your gift to EE and double the impact for Christ around the world. But you must give by December 31. You can give easily online. Look for the “See double, go green” campaign. You can also give by phone. Call Megan Lindley at:  828-490-4165.

For a gift of $35 or more, and upon request, you’ll receive a delightful book by Archbishop Harry Goodhew, Green-Growing Deep in a Shallow World. Harry served faithfully as an EE Board member for 30 years and as Archbishop of Sydney, Australia. Green will reinvigorate your spiritual life.

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