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Caleb’s Conviction posted by jwatson on Jan 15, 2013

The young boy’s response was that he forgot how he could get to Heaven. The fact is that he really never knew.

And that’s where young Caleb Gorton stepped in.

Caleb had asked his younger cousin if he knew how to get to Heaven, and then saw the door open wide to share the Gospel with him when his cousin responded, “I forget.”

Caleb had just been trained how to share his faith in EE’s Hope for Kids ministry. God not only uses kids in evangelism, he convicts them. And Caleb felt a strong conviction to share. Why? Because of God’s grace, and because Hope for Kids taught Caleb the importance of loving the lost.

The end of the story is very familiar to those trained in EE, but no less amazing. Caleb’s cousin made a profession of faith in Christ as Caleb prayed with him.

Caleb, left, with HFK teacher Billy Burge.

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