Aug 31

Cassie Joy Lee posted by John Sorensen on Aug 31, 2015

Cassie Joy moved around to way too many foster homes. She called it “horrible” and said she didn’t even know God existed. But then a couple who loved the Lord and wanted to introduce her to Jesus adopted her.

In your own circle, there are people who need to know about the love of Jesus. And you have something marvelous to share – how God impacted your life – which helps others realize He can impact theirs too.  When’s the last time you shared your testimony with someone?  In Cassie Joy’s case, her adoptive parents helped her learn how to pray and read the Bible. And because they knew how, they were able to share their faith with her, and it’s something she was desperate for.

Today, Cassie Joy, a 4th grader, is in a children’s program that’s giving her the tools to help her share her faith.  In fact, she says with confidence, “I know how to share the Gospel.”

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